VegaMining English

Why vegamining?

According to Claudius Ptolemy (100 – 170 AD), in his treatise Almagest, the VEGA star from the Alpha Lyrae constellation was defined as “first magnitude” – thus being used as a universal standard for brightness in astronomical studies of the time.

This very same concept is VEGAMINING’s goal:  to be the regional standard when it comes to commercialization of technologies and improvement of metallurgical processes.   


To develop and foster business in the mining industry through technology commercialization and through specialized consultancy in mining and metallurgical processes.


To reach global standards in technology transfer within the mining industry regionally, increasing its overall productivity


  1. Founding partners have extensive experience, knowledge (both technical and commercial), and network in the mining industry in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Australia.
  2. Local Know-How in the north of Chile – allowing for execution excellence.
  3. Access to top-notch technology suppliers from around the globe.
  4. Strict confidentiality policy that ensures the proper use of confidential information.
  5. Focus on quality of work, deliverables and deadlines.